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Best spices-Healthy life

The best quality Sri Lankan Spices with thousands of years of historical experience and perfection.

From the land of the Spices

Sri Lanka is well known for the best quality spices over a millennia. We bring you the true taste and aroma of your next dish.

Manufactured to the International Standards

All our products are picked, manufactured and processed according to the international food processing standards.

Natural Food

Natural Food

100% Natural Organic Products

Healthy and Safe

Healthy and Safe

Processed to International Standards.

Number 1 Quality

Number 1 Quality

World's Best Quality Spices

Welcome To Global Aromata

Global Aromata is a Sri Lankan company supplying a vast range of home grown spices for both local and international market. For millennia, Sri Lankan Spices have been recognized as the best for it's rich flavors, unique and vibrant tastes and for the quality beyond compare. We provide the finest quality Sri Lankan Spices in bulk quantities to the world.

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Send Us Your Request

Send Us Your Request

It's just a phone call or a message away. Let us your requirement and we will assure to provide you the world's best quality organic spicy products for the most reasonable prices around.

What's Special

It's beyond compare

Spices bestow its unique flavor and aroma for a dish. Beyond the traditional applications recently the demand of spices using for medicinal purposes has been increased. Entitle of ‘spice island’ implies Sri Lanka is no atypical to the world for herbs and spices. Climatic, soil and geographical conditions of Sri Lanka ensure the finest quality of Ceylon flavorings. Ceylon true cinnamon is the only true cinnamon in global spices market. Clump of Ceylon spices such as king of the spices pepper, queen of the spices cardamom, nutmeg, cloves and cumin have attracted the preference of many foreign nations since time immemorial. Unique aroma and flavor of the Ceylon spices has started its journey to terminate at kitchens all over the globe.

What's Special